Boulder 812: Versatile preamp, DAC and headphone amp

Boulder 812
Boulder 812

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The American company Boulder has officially announced the start of sales of a new model with the index 812 , which is a combination of pre-amplifier, headphone amplifier and DAC.

The device can be used as part of a complete system, or as a separate component. The D/A converter circuitry is inherited from the Boulder 866 , and the preamplifier section has a fully symmetrical configuration. The headphone amplifier is equipped with four connectors for connecting headphones – 6.35 mm , 3.5 mm , four-pin XLR and Pentacon .

Boulder 812
Boulder 812

Sensitivity adjustment for matching with headphones is done through the Boulder Controller proprietary application , the amplifier power is 200 mV at 8 ohms and 80 mV at 600 ohms. The weight of the device is 6.35 kilograms .

Boulder 812
Boulder 812

Visit official Boulder website for more info.



    •4-Pin XLR Headphone Connector
    •1/8” Headphone Connector
    •1/4” Headphone Connector
    •Pentacon Headphone Connector


    •2 Pair XLR Analog Inputs
    •1 Pair XLR Preamplifier Output
    •4x USB Host
    •2 Optical Digital Inputs
    •Coaxial (RCA, SPDIF) Digital Input


    •Based on 866 DSP Filter and DAC topology
    •Configurable Headphone Sensitivity
    •Available Fixed DAC out
    •HTML Programming
    •Control through Boulder Controller App
    •Input Trim


    •Switch Between Headphone and Preamp Outputs
    •Volume Knob & Chassis Machined In House
    •100 db Optically Encoded Volume Control
    •Innovative Protection Circuits


    12”x12”x 3.5”


    14 lbs

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