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Burmester 217: Turntable with double belt drive and anisotropic composite tonearm

The Burmester 217 is the first turntable released by the company in four years after the 175 turntable in the Burmester Reference line.

The model was presented at the High End Audio Visual Show in Hong Kong along with the BC150 acoustics . In addition, the German brand has promised repeated updates to its portfolio over the coming year.

As in the 175th model, the turntable used a belt drive. However, unlike its predecessor, the Burmester 217 has a twin, not a quad. The pair of motors are housed in a spacious low-resonance aluminum casing with an “iconic chrome bezel” as Burmester described it. At the same time, the design of the device turned out to be extremely simple.

Straight 9-inch swivel gimbal is made of unidirectional fiber composite material combined with aluminum parts. According to Burmester, the arm naturally curves due to the headshell geometry.

The needle is Shibata sharpened, the system is supplemented with a composite leather mat, and the output signal to the phono stage is transmitted through a proprietary cable directly connected to the cartridge. The Burmester 217 will cost £ 16,800 in the UK.

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