Burmester 232 Integrated Amplifier unveiled

Burmester 232 Integrated Amplifier
Burmester 232 Integrated Amplifier

At High End Munich, Burmester unveiled the 232 Integral, an addition to the Classic Line, the first product of the company’s new design aesthetic. It can be called the aesthetics of mirror minimalism. In addition to a large control knob on the shining front panel, there is nothing, but in front of us is an integrated circuit with a lot of additional functions.

Named after February 2023, when it was created, the Burmester 232 uses an updated branded control app, but all the functions of the device are also available from the front panel. Behind the mirrored translucent surface is a monochrome display – it is visible only when it is working. The same applies to the touch buttons, located almost the same as usual in previous models.

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The expression “volume knob” does not apply to a multi-purpose rotary control with an “innovative tactile feedback system”. The design is based on the “light effect and suggests a floating look”, which emphasizes the surrounding case with a heat-optimized cooling radiator.

Integralnik 232 is a modular system that can be configured to suit the customer. For example, there is a DAC module with eARC HDMI and USB connectors that can handle native DSD512 and PCM up to 32bit/768kHz. There is a phono stage module for MC cartridges based on the Burmester 077 Reference preamplifier and phono stage 100. More modules will follow in the future. With them, the Burmester 232 will remain relevant for a long time.

The system provides a gigabit network interface, duplicated by a Wi-Fi module. Bluetooth is not forgotten in version 5.4. The class A/B power amplifier has “highest quality” op amps and inputs are near perfect complementary pairs (NPN-PNP) of matching transistors.

Starting with the transformers in the power supply, the Burmester 232 is built in uncompromising dual mono. Provides the shortest signal paths in low-noise circuitry. And this is probably all that is known about the Burmester 232 amplifier at the beginning of High End Munich.

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