Burson Audio Timekeeper 3i: Integrated amplifier for speakers and headphones

Timekeeper 3i

Burson Audio has released a new model of integrated amplifier Timekeeper 3i , which is equipped with a built-in DAC unit and a separate headphone amplifier.

Burson Audio Timekeeper 3i

According to the developers, the model was created by adding a power amplifier to the popular Conductor headphone amplifier. The model can develop up to 100 watts in class AB when working on acoustic systems, as well as 2 watts in class A when connecting headphones.

Burson Audio Timekeeper 3i


The digital part of the device is built on the SABER32 / ESS9038Q2M chips , as well as the XMOS USB receiver , modified by the German company Thesycon and capable of receiving DSD512 and PCM 38/786 streams . Built-in Bluetooth 5.0 supports aptX HD and Sony LDAC codecs . The amplifier is powered by a proprietary Burson Max Current Power Supply.

Burson Audio Timekeeper 3i

The Burson Audio Timekeeper 3i Integrated Amplifier will go on sale in mid-June 2021 for $ 2,444 .

More info:  Burson Audio

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