Cambridge Audio EVO 150 and EVO 75: Multifunctional streamers with built-in amplifiers

The Cambridge Audio lineup has expanded with another line of electronic components: the EVO family combines multifunctional streamers with built-in amplifiers of various powers. Right now, the series includes only two models – with a capacity of 75 and 150 watts, but it is already clear that this will not be limited to this. These devices will debut on the European market within the next month, which means that in the foreseeable future, the “crowns of evolution” will reach US retail.

EVOlution genre

In the meantime, let’s get to know them in absentia, especially since the line really promises to be very interesting. The EVO 150 and EVO 75 streamers are designed in typical Cambridge style, painted in a stylish dark gray (almost close to black) shade and equipped with an informative display that occupies about two-thirds of the entire front of the case.

The manufacturer himself defines the EVO class as “all-in-one” for a demanding audience: according to the official press release, the series models embody the company’s advanced developments and take into account the expectations of the audience.

The latter, not least, relates to the functionality of the devices. Of course, it provides support for popular streaming services, many connection options and the ability to use almost anything as a content source. And the older model, in addition to twice the power, also received a built-in phono stage (MM) – a serious plus for those who are ready to consider any options for expanding their home system. In addition, in the same year the manufacturer promises to release the EVO S acoustics and the EVO CD player – amplification is on the way!

EVOlution genre

Key features of EVO 150 and EVO 75 network streamers:

•   Timeless design. Stylish body, classic color, compact size, interchangeable side panels and built-in LCD display with a diagonal of 6.8 inches.

•   Excellent sound quality. Models in the series deliver a great sound regardless of which genres or which artists you prefer. Advanced components and the revolutionary Hypex NCore Class D amplification system provide ample headroom and impressive levels of audio detail.

•   Optimized for streaming. The heart of the EVO line is the StreamMagic network platform that supports all modern formats and services for streaming music in high quality. Onboard ESS Saber Series DAC, aptX HD Bluetooth connectivity, quick access to Qobuz, Tidal, Spotify and ultimate ease of control – all included!

•   Connect to everything. The series models offer a wide variety of digital and analogue connectivity options, including optics, RCA jack, TV ARC input for HDMI cable, 3.5mm headphone jack, etc.