Cayin CS-805A: integrated circuit – class A single-ended tube amplifier

Cayin CS-805A integrated circuit - class A single-ended tube amplifier

The integrated tube amplifier Cayin CS-805A produces two 50 watts in pure A-class.

According to the company, the Cayin CS-805A tube integrated amplifier is based on the classic WE6SN7 output triodes in the voltage amplifier stages. The output driver stage uses 805A type 300B tubes.

The single-ended class A tube amplifier has three inputs, of course, made in the form of pairs of RCA connectors. In addition, there are a couple of the same “tulips”, designated as Pre In.

Three pairs of rugged sealed screw terminals are available for speaker connection, used for loudspeakers with an impedance of 4 or 8 ohms.

The main switch is located on the front panel, the rotary encoder for input selection is on the right, and the volume control is in the center. The status indicators provide information about the most important parameters of the Cayin CS-805A class A.

The package also includes an infrared remote control, while the manufacturer claims that it retains the last settings of the amplifier after it is turned off. Interestingly, the value of negative feedback can be selected directly on the remote control, in the range from 0 to -3 dB.

Users can adjust the bias of the 805 lamps using the built-in bias display. As promised by the manufacturer, with the help of the so-called noise balance control, the user can also adjust the 300B lamps to the optimum level. The built-in headphone amplifier outputs the signal to a 6.3 mm jack socket on the front panel.

Easily accessible high voltage fuses are used to protect the amplifier. In the event of a lamp failure, the fuse blows immediately, protecting the circuit, which, according to the manufacturer, uses the finest point-to-point wiring.

According to Cayin Audio, only quality components are used in the Cayin CS-805A. These include the Alps volume control, porcelain lamp panels, selected capacitors and carbon film resistors. A large toroidal transformer is designed to provide stable power. EI output transformers feature a wide bandwidth.

The new Cayin CS-805A tube integrated amplifier is available in black and silver.

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