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Cayin CS-805A: Integrated Tube Amplifier with Remote Control Feedback Adjustment

Cayin CS-805A

The Cayin CS-805A tube stereo amplifier will deliver up to 50 watts of power per channel thanks to the classic WE6SN7 output triodes. In the driver cascade, the classics were also used – 805A lamps of the 300B type. Adjusting their offset is easy thanks to the built-in indicator.

The amplifier has received two unbalanced switched RCA inputs, supplemented by a Pre In “break” – these are four more RCA connectors. Three pairs of screw terminals are designed to connect acoustics, depending on the impedance: 4 or 8 ohms.

The control functions are duplicated on the remote control – from it you can even select a negative feedback value in the range from 0 to -3 dB, changing the character of the sound. When turned on, the amplifier “remembers” all the previous settings.

All the main controls are a pair of selectors along the edges, as well as a volume control in the center of the bezel. Device parameters show status indicators.

The protection of the amplifier is based on available fuses. The manufacturer promised quality circuit components: porcelain lamp sockets, audiophile capacitors and carbon film resistors.

A massive toroidal transformer is responsible for the power supply, and at the output there are EI transformers with a wide bandwidth. The Cayin CS-805A received a 6.3 mm headphone jack on the front panel. The amplifier is already available in black and silver.

In Europe, the Cayin CS-805A tube integrated circuit will cost 6,400 euros.

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