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Cayin N7: Hi-Res player with 1-bit D/A converter

Cayin N7
Cayin N7

Cayin has launched the N7 digital portable Hi-Res player built on Android 12 OS .

Its main feature is the use of a discrete one-bit DAC on a resistive matrix, including 128 thin-film resistors , to convert the DSD digital stream .


Of course, a 32 bit / 768 kHz PCM stream is also supported, although it is converted to 1-bit before entering the DAC. A fully discrete amplifier in the player can work both in class A and in class AB , switching is done by pressing one key.

ImageLow-noise JFET transistors are used in the input differential stage, bipolar transistors provide voltage amplification and operation of the output stage. The player has a fully symmetrical layout, headphone outputs are represented by 4.4 mm and 3.5 mm jacks , similar terminals are used to organize a line output. For digital outputs, signal output in I2s format is available .

ImageBuilt – in rechargeable battery has a capacity of 9000 mAh , one charge is enough for 10 hours of work . The LCD color display measures 5 inches diagonally and the CPU is a Snapdragon 665 .

The Cayin N7 digital portable player sells internationally for US$1999.

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