CH Precision P10: The flagship two-unit phono stage

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The Swiss company CH Precision has introduced a new top-end universal P10 phono stage , capable of unleashing the potential of any pickup heads.


The model has a two-block design, in which a massive power supply with separate lines for control electronics and signal circuits is placed in a separate case. The model uses a two-stage passive correction, as well as a three-stage ultra-low noise amplifier. The gain varies from 45dB to 78dB in 3dB steps .


In addition to the standard RIAA curve , the model provides for the installation of optional maps for seven historical correction curves for the correct conversion of the signal recorded on the records of the 1950-60s – EMI, Columbia (LP), Decca (London), Teldec (DGG), NARTB / NAB, Capitol (AES) and Philips . The phono stage provides an incredibly wide selection of impedances to match any MC head. Up to four tonearms can be connected at the same time.


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