Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 3: The latest preamplifier from Britain

Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 3
Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 3

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Chord Electronics has released a new model of analog preamplifier ULTIMA PRE 3 .

The preamplifier is designed from the ground up using the latest solutions in the field of low-noise power supplies. The preamp has five analog inputs , three balanced and two unbalanced, as well as a loop through for connection to a home theater system. Switching of inputs is carried out by sealed relays controlled by a microprocessor.

Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 3
Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 3

All elements of the body of the device are machined from solid aluminum blanks, including branded Integra supports . The weight of the preamplifier is 12.7 kg .

The Chord Electronics ULTIMA PRE 3 will premiere at the Munich show with a retail price of £6,000 .


Frequency response

10 Hz-200 kHz +/- 3 dB


0.002 % 20Hz-20 kHz

Signal to noise ratio

-105 dB on all inputs

Input impedance

100 kΩ

Output impedance

560 Ω

Input maximum voltage

10 V RMS

Output maximum voltage

17 V RMS



Channel separation

100 dB

Operation voltage

80-250 V AC auto-switching

Power consumption

40 W

Dimensions with legs:

485 mm (w) x 355 mm (d) x 130 mm (h)


12.7 kg


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