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Copland CSA 70: Entry-level integrated amplifier

Copland launches CSA70 entry-level integrated amplifier

The CSA70 is an integrated amplifier that Danish company Copland Audio is positioning as an entry-level model. However, they say, it is “made for die-hard music lovers and delivers exceptional sound quality that falls short of its power rating and price.”

The amp is distinguished from older models like CSA100 or CSA150 by the absence of tube stages. This allows all electronics to be placed on a single board, minimizing signal paths and susceptibility to RFI and other extraneous noise.

The power amplifiers actually use the same architecture as the older models, but with faster feedback. Copland has assured that the amplifier will cope with even “the most inconvenient dynamic loads.”

The CSA70 features an audiophile-grade precision motorized volume control that requires no additional electronics in the signal path.

The amplifier received four digital and three analog inputs (including for a phono stage), supplemented by a line output and a preamplifier “break”. The front panel provides a 6.3 mm headphone output. The new product delivers 70 watts of power per channel with 8-ohm speakers.

In addition, the CSA70 received several protection systems – both the amplifier itself and the acoustics connected to it. Among them – protection against direct current at the output, overcurrent and overheating. All this has increased the reliability and durability of the device. The CSA70 is housed in a robust anti-resonant black or silver housing.

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