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Creative Live! Audio A3: External sound card perfect for Streamers, Podcasters And Musicians

Creative Live! Audio A3
Creative Live! Audio A3

Creative Technology has announced the release of Creative! Live Audio A3 , the latest USB audio interface aimed at streamers and those who need a device for professional audio recording at home.

Creative Live! Audio A3 features 24-bit recording and playback capabilities, ensuring users have clear and accurate audio for all types of content, from music to podcasts and voiceovers. Additionally, the 3.5mm mobile I/O jack minimizes caller input interference during remote interviews and podcast recordings, allowing users to seamlessly mix backing tracks on mobile devices.

Creative Live! Audio A3 meets the needs of musicians, podcasters and content creators. The card is equipped with two headphone jacks, each of which has an individual volume control. The patch panel includes a dual combo jack with built-in mic preamp and Hi-Z switch for full compatibility with microphones, line level devices and instruments. The presence of balanced stereo outputs eliminates electromagnetic interference and provides cleaner sound quality.

Creative Live! Audio A3

Creative Live! Audio A3

The card is controlled using individual output and input volume controls, complemented by convenient indicators that simplify sound settings. Zero-latency direct monitoring provides immediate audio feedback, a feature that resonates with streamers and musicians alike.

External sound card Creative Live! Audio A3 is available for purchase at a cost equivalent to 200 euros .

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