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Crestron and Origin Acoustics Unveil Residential Speakers and DM Nax AoIP Series

Crestron, a manufacturer of smart home equipment, announced a partnership with Origin Acoustics, under which a line of built-in Residential Speakers and IP amplifiers has already been prepared .

Created in collaboration with Origin Acoustics, Crestron has divided the installation speakers into two sub-series: Reference and Ultimate. The first included ceiling, in-wall and landscape speakers. They all received Origin’s branded silk tweeters.

Ultimate includes ceiling, in-wall, outdoor speakers and special protected speakers for yachts and boats. Most of the models are equipped with premium carbon fiber drivers (6 or 8 inches) and aluminum-ceramic tweeters. These tweeters are designed to provide increased accuracy.

Amplifiers as well as other components are DM Nax models. According to Nick Berry, head of Origin Acoustics, the new speakers are based on premium components to unleash the potential of the aforementioned AoIP-enabled devices.

Crestron envisioned DM Nax amplifiers and streamers to build a state-of-the-art audio system with access to all popular online services. According to the company, there have never been such functional, high-quality and “impressive” products in the company’s lineup.

The speakers will go on sale in April (for the US), and the DM Nax product line will appear in June. Prices have not yet been announced.

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