DAART Yulong Aquila III: Desktop DAC and headphone amplifier

DAART Yulong Aquila III
DAART Yulong Aquila III

DAART has begun shipping the Yulong Aquila III digital-to-analog converter and headphone amplifier .

ImageThe DAC block in the model is based on a combination of the AK4191 decoder and the AK4499EX conversion chip from Asahi Kasei , capable of working with a PCM stream with a sampling rate of up to 1536 kHz , as well as a DSD1024 stream when connected via USB. Optical, coaxial and AES/EBU inputs are also used to supply a digital signal.

ImageAnalog outputs are provided by RCA and XLR connectors, they can be used when using the model as a preamplifier. The LCD display located on the front panel shows not only the volume level and the active input, but also the spectral analysis of the reproduced signal.


Headphone jacks are 6.35 mm , 4.4 mm and four-pin XLR . The power of the headphone amplifier is 1000 mW into 32 ohms unbalanced and 4000 mW into 32 ohms balanced. The dimensions of the device are 248 x 210 x 60 mm , weight – 4 kg .

ImageThe DAART Yulong Aquila III DAC and Headphone Amplifier comes in three colors and is sold online for $999 .

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