Denafrips Apollo: Two-Channel Transistor Power Amplifier

Denafrips Apollo

Vinshine Audio has unveiled the Denafrips Apollo Stereo Transistor Power Amplifier . The amplifier is made of discrete elements in a balanced concept. The output stages operate in class AB.

The Denafrips Apollo Power Amplifier develops up to 225 watts in each of two channels when driven into an 8 ohm load. When the impedance is reduced to 4 ohms, the output power doubles, which indicates a competent circuitry of the novelty. The frequency range of the device extends from 10 Hz to 50 kHz at a level of -2.2 dB. The nonlinear distortion does not exceed 0.002%, and the dynamic range is more than 120 dB.

Denafrips Apollo - Two-Channel Transistor Power Amplifier

The Denafrips Apollo power supply is based on a huge 2,000 VA toroidal power transformer. To eliminate interference, the transformer is completely covered with a copper screen. The weight of the Denafrips Apollo , which is 55 kg, indirectly speaks of the impressiveness of this element , which is important for any amplifier . The output stage of each channel is implemented on 16 pairs of bipolar transistors. To cool such a battery, the side walls of the case are used, which are actually cast finned radiators.


Denafrips Apollo - Two-Channel Transistor Power Amplifier

The Denafrips Apollo Power Amplifier is available in Black and Silver . Deliveries are planned to begin in the very near future, and a preliminary order can already be placed on the manufacturer’s official website.

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