Dual CS 518: Classic out-of-the-box ready to go turntable

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The Dual CS 518 belongs to the vinyl playback systems verified for decades. This is a classic belt drive from a DC motor. The steel axis of the disc rotates in a brass glass – these parts are made with high precision.

The disc itself is made of solid aluminum by precision injection molding. The dense rubber mat is responsible for the immobility of the record and the absence of unwanted resonances. The case is finished with black vinyl with a texture of wood, and is made of multi-layer MDF, which stands on rubber feet, and serves the same purpose.

The novelty is equipped with a straight, statically balanced tonearm with a double gimbal. Management – manual, no automation, no hitchhiking. The tonearm is equipped with a smooth microlift and an anti-skating system. The Ortofon 2M Red cartridge is factory pre-installed, with a switchable MM phono stage integrated into the body of the device.

As a result, the Dual CS 518 is compatible with any amplifier and does not depend on the presence of a phono stage in its composition. The turntable is ready to go almost straight out of the box. The novelty receives power from the external unit, the safety of the player will be ensured by a transparent cover.

The Dual CS 518 turntable is priced at $900.

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