E1DA Cosmos Scaler: Miniature preamplifier launched

E1DA Cosmos Scaler - miniature preamplifier
E1DA Cosmos Scaler - miniature preamplifier

E1DA has started selling the Cosmos Scaler analog preamplifier , designed to work with balanced and unbalanced signal sources, but primarily with the proprietary E1DA Cosmos ADC analog-to-digital converter.

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Inputs and outputs are organized on 3.5 mm minijack sockets, the maximum gain level is 26 dB. The circuit is based on OPA1612 and OPA1656 operational amplifiers , Viking resistors, Murata and Samsung capacitors . The maximum output voltage level is up to 10 V for unbalanced and up to 20 V for balanced connection, the input impedance is 20 kOhm for unbalanced and 100 kOhm for balanced connection.


The device features a wide bandwidth from 0.2 Hz to 570 kHz and can also be used in fixed output mode (4.5 V). The level control has 16 positions from 0 to 26 dB. The dimensions of the device are 104x61x39 mm with a weight of 160 grams , the model receives power from an external source via the USB port (5 V).

The E1DA Cosmos Scaler preamplifier can be purchased online starting at $129

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