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EMT 128: Six-tube circuit from American rockets

The German-Swiss company EMT has presented the precision phono stage EMT 128 Micro Tube. The phono stage is assembled in an aluminum case, milled from a single piece. The chassis simultaneously acts as an efficient heat sink, controlling airflow and counteracting vibration.

And this is justified: inside there are six miniature vacuum tubes, the heat dissipation of which, in any case, is considerable – the novelty consumes 25 watts. EMT did not disclose the specifications, it is only known that these are tube circuit components originally designed for US missile technology. All tube amplifiers are equipped with input and output transformers.

The EMT 128 Micro Tube is capable of handling RIAA / DIN 78 correction curves in stereo / mono. Switches (available and mute mode) are located on the front panel. The promised level of crosstalk is better than 75 dB and THD at a frequency of 1 kHz – up to 0.05%. Switching – balanced (XLR).

The cost and release of EMT 128 Micro Tube market launch are not yet known.

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