Enleum AMP-23R: Debut Power Amplifier

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Bakoon International introduced premium brand Enleum . The first product of the brand was the integrated power amplifier AMP-23R . The amplifier is a continuation of the AMP-13R model .

The new amplifier partially inherits the design and concept of the 13th model, but unlike its predecessor, it received a new cooling system and an updated chassis.

The AMP-23R has 45 watts per channel at 4 ohms nominal impedance or 25 watts when the impedance is 8 watts.

The main device is the proprietary Ensence Circuit with JET2 Bias technology . It is responsible for stability and efficiency in operation, and also corrects the bias current.

The manufacturer claims that almost any headphone can be connected to its amplifier. In this case, the unit will output 4 watts at 50 ohms.

The AMP-23R amplifier is already available in Europe for a price of 5,500 euros .

You can find more info on the amplifier here.

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