Enleum HPA-23RM: Reference headphone amplifier launched

Enleum HPA-23RM

Enleum HPA-23RM is a new reference dedicated headphone amplifier. It is intended for both high-end desktop systems and mobile use, which is why its name uses the letters “R” for reference and “M” for mobile.

The HPA-23RM is two amplifiers in one package because it uses two outputs – voltage and current. The voltage output circuit is directly inherited from the latest AMP-23R MOSFET output stage with a simplified version of the JET2 Bias circuit. The unique current output is a descendant of the HPA-21 bipolar transistor circuit, but its modern design is further enhanced with advanced technology.

Additionally, thanks to technological advances in battery pack design and thermal efficiency, it is now possible to listen to Enleum reference circuits in a much more compact package.


All of the HPA-23RM’s critical components and circuitry work in harmony to deliver the best possible headphone sound quality. The HPA-23RM uses the same circuitry as the award-winning AMP-23R. However, the output stage design is new, using ideas from the JET2 Bias circuit used in the AMP-23R. In addition, it uses the new and improved current output circuit from the Bakoon HPA-21 model.

Enleum HPA-23RM



HPA-23RM, like the AMP-23R, starts with the Ensence module. The circuit uses all discrete transistors with zero negative feedback and has an ultra-fast and ultra-wide frequency response. All of these advanced technologies are concentrated in the compact Ensence module, which plays an important role in the amplifier’s input stage. This allows you to use our renowned lossless variable gain system, allowing you to fully enjoy the same performance at any gain or volume level.



Unlike our older HPA models, which used only bipolar output transistors, the HPA-23RM uses separate MOSFETs for the voltage outputs and bipolar transistors for the current outputs. The voltage output transistors are precisely controlled by our unique yet simplified, efficient version of the JET2 Bias circuit, a direct descendant of the AMP-23R output circuit. The current output circuits share common features with the legacy HPA-21 circuit, but are enhanced by modern circuit improvements.


Enleum has made extensive use of battery power in older products such as the BPS-01 and HPA-21 since its inception. In the HPA-23RM, we focused on efficient circuitry to reduce the overall battery count and adopted a state-of-the-art power supply design with 1.2MHz SMPS and industry-leading ultra-low noise regulators.


The HPA-23RM uses advanced solid state relays in its attenuator circuit, and is the first amplifier to utilize efficient, low noise switching. The AMP-23R’s ultra-precise resistor network is carried over into the amplifier, and the same gain control method and control software are used for a wide range of headphone and IEM sensitivities.

Enleum HPA-23RM

Enleum HPA-23RM Specs:

  • Power: 1 W (current output) / 500 mW (voltage output) @ 30 ohms
  • Connector: US/Canada/Japan
  • Input: RCA and 1/8″ Mini Jack (analog)
  • Output: 1/4″ (current output) and 1/8″ (voltage output) headphone jacks
  • Operating time: up to 5 hours (voltage output) / up to 3 hours (current output) / continuous with USB C charger or battery pack
  • Dimensions: 116mm x 164.5mm x 2mm (w x d x h)
  • Weight (net): 730g

Price : $2999

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