ESOTERIC Grandioso M1X: The ultimate 1.2 kW monoblock

The Japanese company ESOTERIC expanded range of top-end components Grandioso mono power amplifier M1X . It is the first to implement a number of the latest technologies, including the use of ESOTERIC SJ-BJT01 bipolar transistors with superfast transitions in the output stages , providing high output currents with low semiconductor junction resistance.

The new Grandioso Series monoblock has a maximum power output of 300W into 8 ohms / 600W into 4 ohms / 1200W into 2 ohms.

Monoblocks Grandioso M1X are ideal for collaboration with the Grandioso C1X pre-amplifier and is connected to it by the proprietary ES-LINK Analog interface , which guarantees the highest quality analog audio signal transmission.

The specially designed integrated discrete amplifier module IDM-01 (Integrated Discrete-Amplifier Module) handles the ES-LINK Analog communication between Grandioso C1X and M1X components .

Furthermore ports ES-LINK Analog monoblock ESOTERIC Grandioso M1X equipped with conventional and balanced on connectors XLR and unbalanced on RCAentrances. The 12V trigger input allows the Grandioso C1X preamplifier to control the power on and off of the M1X monoblocs .

ESOTERIC Grandioso M1X - the ultimate 1.2 kW monoblock

Monoblock ESOTERIC Grandioso M1X is equipped with two separate power toroidal transformers for supplying voltage and current amplification stages.

Specially designed storage capacitors for powering current stages have a total capacity of 60 thousand μF, and each transformer is designed for a power of more than 3000 VA. A separate power supply is provided for the amplifier control circuits.

ESOTERIC Grandioso M1X - the ultimate 1.2 kW monoblock

The switching of the amplifier inputs is realized through FET elements, which excludes mechanical contacts from the signal path. The buffered input stage has a balanced design without compromise.

The amplifier enclosure has a hybrid structure in which the main and lower chassis have different stiffness. It rests on the patented ESOTERIC point supports . The top panel of the cabinet has a semi-floating design for maximum sound openness. The cooling radiators are equipped with fins of various lengths to suppress resonances.


ESOTERIC Grandioso M1X - the ultimate 1.2 kW monoblock

Monoblocks ESOTERIC Grandioso M1X are expected on sale in May 2021 . In the homeland of amplifiers, in Japan, a pair of monoblocks is offered for 4,800,000 yen.

Main technical characteristics of ESOTERIC Grandioso M1X mono power amplifier:

Maximum Power Output: 300W into 8 ohms / 600W into 4 ohms / 1200W into 2 ohms

Inputs: ES-LINK Analog × 1, RCA × 1, XLR × 1

Speaker Outputs: A pair of screw terminals

12V Trigger Input: IN × 1, THRU × 1 (C1X On / Off)

Dimensions: 491 x 221.5 x 535mm

Weight: 63 kg

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