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Exposure 360 ​​TT: A premium addition to any audiophile’s collection

Exposure 360 ​​TT
Exposure 360 ​​TT

Exposure, after many years since its inception, has unveiled its inaugural turntable, named the 360 TT. The development of this device saw the collaboration with a certain British company renowned for its extensive expertise in turntable design.

To combat unwanted vibrations, the interior of the plinth is filled with polyurethane, a material known for its excellent vibration absorption properties. The turntable stands on isolating feet crafted from a combination of Santoprene rubber and aluminum, further enhancing its stability. A distinctive feature of the 360 TT is its two-layer glass platter, designed to improve performance.

The turntable’s motor operates on a 24 V mains voltage, and it is accompanied by an external power supply equipped with a precision rotation speed controller, ensuring accurate playback speed. The 360 TT is also outfitted with an aluminum tonearm, promising superior sound tracking. However, it’s important to note that the turntable does not come with a cartridge, allowing users the flexibility to choose their preferred option to match their audio setup.


The newly introduced 360 TT vinyl player showcases a sleek dark gray color scheme, complemented by a striking red mat, adding a touch of style to its design. It also comes equipped with a dust cover, ensuring the turntable remains clean and protected when not in use. Those interested in adding the 360 TT to their audio setup can do so for 1,499 euros, making it a premium addition to any audiophile’s collection.

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