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Fascination 101: Tube power amplifier on triodes Osram PX4

Maestro Shigeharu Koreeda from Shigeharu audio created the Fascination 101 tube power amplifier. The power itself is low – 2 x 3 W, but the device works even with 4-ohm speakers. Fascination 101 is assembled in a compact body in the dimensions of 295x170x150 mm with a polished stainless steel base. This is a classic lamp apparatus, assembled by surface mounting in the best traditions of the old school.

The components are also classic. The output stage of a simple two-stage circuit uses a PX4 triode in a rare British version made by Osram. It operates in self-displacement mode.

The first stage is a 7-pin MT 6AH6 high gain tube from Toshiba. Kemet film capacitors for decoupling the first stage and electrolytic capacitors made of non-magnetic material for filtering the power supply are also responsible for the sound quality.

The speaker output connectors, as well as the unbalanced RCA input, are located on the top panel of the cabinet. The Kasuga wireless output transformer is housed in a cylindrical screen.

Amplifier applications are accepted until January 5th. The cost of Fascination 101, including taxes, will be 470,000 yen.

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