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FiiO 2022 Autumn Launch Event III covered

FiiO 2022 Autumn Launch Event·III
FiiO 2022 Autumn Launch Event·III

The third part of the autumn presentation of new products of the FiiO company .

FiiO K7

The new DAC with an amplifier will take its place between the first device of the K5 Pro line and the flagship K9 Pro, most of whose architecture the K7 received.

As for USB decoding, the K7 uses an XMOS XUF208 chip with dual timing control that handles a variety of audio signals and any musical style. As for the headphone amplifier, it uses dual THX AAA 788+ amplifiers, which have the best overall characteristics at the moment. It can deliver 560 mW undistorted power into a 300 ohm load (THD+N<1%) and 2000 mW undistorted power into a 32 ohm load (THD+N<1%). As for the DAC part, the left and right channels are equipped with the efficient high-performance AK4493SEQ, which is an upgraded model based on the classic AK4493. Both resistance and noise have been improved, resulting in a more natural, rhythmic and relaxed sound.

In addition, the K7 is the first to use RGB light indicators capable of displaying both single and mixed colors with a unique light flow effect when the power is turned on/off or the input is switched.

FiiO K7 has a power circuit consisting of several independent stages, while the voltage of each stage is regulated by low-noise LDOs. Powered by an external 12V switching power supply, this powerhouse delivers pure, powerful power for extraordinary listening. To ensure stable and reliable operation, the K7 has been designed with overheat and overload protection systems.

The K7 has an aluminum alloy construction, carefully machined by CNC and other processes. The elegant black color is perfectly complemented by the golden accents of the THX and Hi-Res Audio icons, topped with splashes of color from the RGB backlighting, which gives the device a luxurious look. With ADC curve reconstruction, experience smooth 112-step volume control without channel imbalance and noise for a more natural and smooth volume control. It’s only 55mm thick and features commonly used USB, optical, coaxial and RCA inputs, as well as 6.35mm SE, 4.4mm BAL and RCA outputs to give you more options.

FiiO Q7

Digital inputs include USB, optical and coaxial, while analogue outputs include 2 linear (6.35mm and 3.5mm) and 2 balanced (2.5mm and 4.4mm).

Originally designed for desktop use, the THX AAA 788+ amplifier is a 4-band true balanced amplifier circuit. With five levels of mixed gain, the Q7 can easily connect all kinds of headphones for pure listening. The USB chip is a 16-core XMOS XU316 coupled with two ultra-low latency audio clocks, supporting full 768K, DSD512 and MQA decoding. The Qualcomm QCC5124 supports high-resolution Bluetooth formats such as LDAC and aptX Adaptive, aptX LL and aptX HD. It is modernized with FiiO’s own digital control center. Based on an ARM Cortex M4 processor, this control chip effectively handles tasks such as clock control, USB decoding, and optical decoding to optimize sound quality. To improve sound quality,

FiiO Q7 can work both in DC and battery mode. With a 9200mAh battery, it can work for 11 hours with unbalanced output in Enhanced mode for in-ear headphones and 9 hours with balanced output.

There are 5 mixed gain levels to suit different types of in-ear and full-size headphones . When the in-ear headphone advanced mode is enabled in DC power mode, the output power will be 100% higher than in battery power mode, from 1500mW to 3000mW.

The Q7 continues FiiO’s modern design language with a bold next-generation design, complemented by tastefully selected colored lights for a technologically advanced appearance.

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