FiiO BR13: Get sound even closer to master-level quality

FiiO BR13
FiiO BR13

The global popularity of the previous model FiiO BTA30 reflects the continuous development and accumulation of FiiO in the field of Bluetooth technology over the years. After repeated serious market research, the brand’s engineers have developed a special Hi-Res Bluetooth receiver BR13 to make available to you a product that better meets your needs at an affordable price.

The BR13 features a professional HiFi audio architecture that includes a Qualcomm QCC5125 Bluetooth chip, an ES9018K2M DAC, and a TPA1882 operational amplifier . In addition, there is a crystal oscillator, 5 low-noise linear voltage stabilizers and a separate power management chip, which ensure stable and high-quality audio transmission. With powerful configurations, the BR13 supports seven High-Res Bluetooth codecs, including LDAC. The DAC supports 96kHz/24bit input. Supports UAC1.0 for compatibility with PS5, Switch and other consoles.


The FiiO BR13 is compatible with many devices and supports both digital and analog outputs and higher standard output values ​​than the average Bluetooth receiver. The optical and coaxial outputs support 96kHz/24bit, and the RCA output supports 2Vrms.



Unique to the BR13, the ability to scale low-frequency audio signals allows you to increase the sampling rate to 96 kHz/24 bit from any input, allowing you to get sound even closer to master-level quality.

In particular, BR13 supports SPDIF conversion and SPDIF Bypass. SPDIF conversion means that optical/coaxial signals from the TV/set-top box/DVD player can be converted to optical/coaxial/RCA output for home theater. Bypass SPDIF means that optical and coaxial signals can be input at the same time, saving you time from having to insert and remove cables.


The BR13 features a compact yet durable aluminum alloy body combined with a specially designed angled front panel. The high-contrast and durable LCD display allows you to quickly view information about codecs, equalizer and more.

The FiiO BR13 comes with seven presets, including those for popular and classical music, allowing you to enjoy a variety of musical styles at once. In addition, there are two types of parametric EQs that you can adjust yourself in the FiiO Control app to get the sound you want.


BR13 supports simultaneous connection to two Bluetooth devices. Conveniently and seamlessly switch between your smartphone, tablet and other devices. In addition, it supports low-latency mode. Switch to aptX LL priority mode with one tap via the companion app for low-latency audio for greater immersion, whether you’re playing games, watching TV shows or movies.