FiiO K7: Desktop DAC/Pre/Headphone Amp

FiiO K7
FiiO K7

The impetus for the development of the K7 desktop audio device , according to FiiO Electronics Technology Co. Ltd., was surprised by the “great success of FiiO K5 Pro”. In fact, this DAC / headphone amplifier / preamplifier has become one of the brightest representatives of the already established class of desktop audio. These devices are popular among computer workaholics and just lovers of compact but high-quality audio systems.

The specifics of the FiiO K7 require minimal dimensions – and on the table the device will take up an area of ​​​​no more than a third of a standard A4 sheet. This is with the case horizontal, but you can still put it vertically – and then the K7 will require even less space.

Almost the entire width of the front panel is occupied by a large encoder that controls the volume using the NJU72315 chip and a buffer amplifier. The design is complemented by RGB color indication – mode switching looks bright in its own way.

An external switching power supply 12 V operates on several independent stages operating on individual components of the device. Significant, of course, are the latest generation AK4493SEQ DAC chips from the Japanese AKM, which are used in a dual mono configuration. With them, the FiiO K7 is ready to handle PCM audio signals up to 32bit 384kHz and DSD up to DSD256.

The XMOS XUF208 chip uses dual clock control, and the output stage is based on two THX AAA 788+ modules from THX Ltd. With them, the K7 delivers 560 mW per channel to 300-ohm headphones, and for classic 32 ohm headphones, the power reaches up to 2 watts, while the THD + N parameter does not exceed 1%. The manufacturer, not without reason, said that the K7 “can handle really any headphones without much effort.” At the same time, the circuit provided protection systems against overheating, overload and direct current.

The FiiO K7 desktop DAC/pre/headphone amp was priced at €220 in Europe.