Gold Note Da Vinci: New MC cartridge from Italy

Gold Note Da Vinci
Gold Note Da Vinci

Gold Note has introduced a new moving coil (MC) cartridge, named after Florence’s most famous resident, artist and inventor Leonardo da Vinci . The body of the Gold Note Da Vinci is made of super hard 7000 grade duralumin, the diamond needle has a micro-elliptical sharpening, and the cantilever is made of aluminum.


The Gold Note Da Vinci MC head is expected to be available in September 2023.

Gold Note Da Vinci cartridge specifications:

  • Type: Moving Coil Cartridge (MC)
  • Body : duralumin brand 7000
  • Needle: diamond with micro-elliptical sharpening
  • Cantilever: aluminum
  • Recommended downforce: 2g
  • Compliance : 12 x 10 (-6) cm/dyne
  • Frequency response: 10 Hz – 35 kHz
  • Channel separation: more than 30dB
  • Output level : 0.4 mV
  • Internal resistance: 4 ohm
  • Recommended load: 220 ohm
  • Cartridge weight : 10 g

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