Gold Note Vasari Shibata: New MM cartridge from Italy

Gold Note Vasari Shibata
Gold Note Vasari Shibata

Gold Note has expanded its range of Vasari moving magnet (MM) cartridges with a new model – Vasari Shibata . The peculiarity of the novelty, as the name implies, is a crystal of special sharpening, the shape of which was developed by Mr. Shibata in the 70s of the last century. The peculiar shape of the diamond is an evolution of the elliptical shape, with additional special cuts that create a hybrid asymmetrical shape.


Vasari Shibata’s new Gold Note phono cartridge, thanks to the special shape of the diamond, allows a significant increase in the total surface area of ​​contact with the walls of the record groove, while the amount of pressure per square millimeter is significantly reduced.

As a result, Vasari Shibata can provide near-perfect contact covering virtually all areas of the groove wall and less wear on both the plate and the diamond. Vasari Shibata’s Gold Note phono cartridge has a pivoting stylus guard similar to other Gold Note phono cartridges.


The Gold Note Vasari Shibata cartridge is expected to be available in May 2023. The recommended retail price of new items will be 77 thousand dollars .

Specifications of Gold Note Vasari Shibata cartridge:

  • Frequency range: 10 – 30,000 Hz;
  • Output level: 4 mV;
  • Resistance: 500 ohm;
  • Recommended load: 47 kOhm;
  • Recommended clamping weight: 2 grams;
  • Diamond sharpening: shibata;
  • Cantilever: aluminum;
  • Coils: copper;
  • Body: duralumin.