Goldenberg Maestro: Flagship Cartridge made for the audiophile

Goldenberg Maestro

The Swiss company Goldenberg Audio, a manufacturer of turntable cartridges, has unveiled its flagship model, the Goldenberg Maestro.

Goldenberg Maestro 1

The new cartridge, the company said, “takes you one step further in analog tracking technology.” The Goldenberg Maestro is the result of solid expertise in materials science and the influence of materials on sound reproduction.

goldenberg 5a orig

This MC head features a Micro-Ridge stylus on the toughest sapphire arm possible. The device is enclosed in a ruthenium-plated bronze structure and protected by a three-dimensionally machined case, plated with pure gold.

maestro2 orig

The core is commercially pure iron, TChZh (or ARMCO-iron), and the coil is wound with 4N copper. The novelty produces 0.4 mV at a speed of 5 cm / s, covering the range of 20-30,000 Hz with an unevenness of only ± 2 dB. FIM distortions are promised not worse than 0.2%.


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