Goldmund launches Mimesis Signature preamplifier with DAC

Goldmund Mimesis Signature
Goldmund Mimesis Signature

Goldmund , the Swiss high-end audio manufacturer, has introduced the new Mimesis Signature preamplifier .

It is designed for switching both analog and digital signal sources. The digital-to-analog converter unit is built on the ES9028Q2M chip from Saber Technology and is capable of working with 32-bit / 768 kHz PCM signals and native DSD512 stream when connected via USB. In addition, two coaxial and one optical inputs are provided for connecting digital sources; the analog switching unit includes three pairs of unbalanced inputs on RCA and one balanced input on XLR, as well as one pair of balanced and unbalanced outputs.


The chassis is made of 12 mm metal panels; there are only two knobs on the front panel – volume control and input switching. The company considers one of the main advantages of the model to be reliable isolation of all signal circuits from power supply noise and external interference.

The Goldmund Mimesis Signature preamplifier will be available in November 2023, priced at £22,500