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Grandioso M1X: Takes music from a noble silence to a stormy passion

The Grandioso M1X is built around the world’s first super junction bipolar transistors, the Esoteric SJ-BJT01. Completely updating the previous M1, the Grandioso M1X, according to the manufacturer, “takes music from a noble silence to a stormy passion.”

The amplifier was equipped with separate toroidal transformers with a power of more than 3000 VA to power the voltage and current amplification stages. A specially designed capacitor with a capacity of up to 60,000 μF is also installed here.

The system features an ES-LINK analog input, a proprietary current transfer option, in addition to the conventional balanced and unbalanced inputs. It is served by IDM-01 (Integrated Discrete Amplifier Module). A balanced buffer amplifier circuit is used at the input stage.

All of this is housed in a hybrid design with main and lower chassis varying in stiffness. Its semi-floating top panel maximizes sound exposure and the Esoteric dot feet are patent pending. The power supply uses a configuration with three power transformers, with an R-shaped core. Responsible for cooling are specially developed Esoteric radiator fins of irregular length.


The trigger function allows the Grandioso C1X to switch the M1X on and off in sequence. The maximum power of the novelty is 300 W into 8 ohms or 600 W into 4 ohms or 1200 W into 2 ohms. Overall dimensions: 491 × 221.5 × 535 mm, weight – 63 kg.

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