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GUSTARD H26: Balanced class A headphone amplifier launched


GUSTARD has started selling a new model of the H26 desktop headphone amplifier , made using a fully symmetrical circuit.

ImageEight pairs of selected transistors operate in the output stage; the pre-amplifier section includes two LME49720 op-amps . The volume control is made on a resistive matrix, while the power amplifier can be completely turned off, which allows the model to work as a pure pre-amplifier.


ImageThe power supply is built on two custom 50 Watt toroidal transformers , one for each channel, Nichico n capacitors are used in the filter. The maximum output power at normalized distortion is 6000 mW into 32 ohms. To connect headphones, the device has three jacks – unbalanced 6.35 mm, balanced 4.4 mm and four-pin XLR.



The GUSTARD H26 headphone amplifier comes in two colors and is available to order online.

Price: $1,150

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