Hana Umami Blue
Hana Umami Blue

Hana Umami Blue: Moving coil cartridge in lacquered aluminum housing

The Japanese company Hana has announced the release of a new Umami Blue moving coil cartridge .

ImageThe pickup features a case machined from 7075 aluminum and coated with blue light-cured synthetic resin. The magnetic system uses AlNiCo (aluminum-nickel-cobalt) magnets , the coil is wound by hand with the finest copper wire.

ImageA needle with a multi-radius MicroLine sharpening is installed on the boron needle holder, the damper is made of POM (polyformaldehyde) polymer. After assembly, all heads are cryogenically treated for better conductivity. The sensitivity of Hana Umami Blue is 0.4 mV , the internal resistance is 8 ohms , the recommended tracking force is 2 grams . The cartridge weighs 10.8 grams excluding fasteners.



The Hana Umami Blue MC head will be available on the European market in August 2023, with pre-order open at the end of March. The retail price will be 2500 euros .