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Hegel V10 – The first phono stage on proprietary circuits

The Hegel V10 full-size tabletop phono stage is the first of its kind in the Hegel catalog. According to the manufacturer, the engineers made the device as high quality as possible. Otherwise, according to Hegel, this product would not exist at all. The core of the V10 is the circuitry and technology that the company uses in its amplifiers and DACs.

Inside, the phono stage was divided into two separate units: power supply and signal circuit. All terminals are immune to interference and gold plated.

In the input stage, JFET transistors were used: for both MM and MC. We paid special attention to the signal from the MC-input: four transistors in parallel, which should provide maximum protection against noise and exclude current feedback with the cartridge coil.

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The amplifier stage (for both MM and MC) is assembled on discrete bipolar transistors. Hegel has promised the highest accuracy in compliance with the RIAA standard with parameters of ± 0.2 dB / 20 Hz – 20 kHz. The manufacturer also noted the insulated E-Core transformer on which the power supply is based.

When using a turntable with an MM cartridge, the user can adjust the capacitance in the range from 100 to 467 pF. For MC heads, you can set the impedance from 33 to 550 ohms or set a fixed value of 47 kΩ.

For both types of heads, gain adjustment is provided: 5, 10 and 12 dB. It is also worth noting the presence of an infrasonic filter and an automatic shutdown system in case of prolonged signal absence.

The new Hegel V10 phono stage will hit the market in February. In England, it will cost £ 1,350.

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