Heschl HAL 300 Stereo Power Amplifier: Classic Powered by 1600 VA

Heschl Audio Labs HAL 300

Australian company Heschl Audio Labs has released the HAL 300 stereo power amplifier . It borrowed technical solutions from the company’s successful debut model – the HAL 350 integrated circuit. The novelty is assembled in a classic symmetrical arrangement and, according to Heschl, “with the highest care.”

The HAL 300 is equipped with a massive 1,600 VA custom toroidal transformer in a sealed shield. According to the manufacturer, the novelty “effortlessly” produces 300 watts per channel with a speaker impedance of 8 ohms or 550 watts at 4 ohms, and the HAL 300 remains stable even with a 2-ohm load.

Heschl Audio Labs chief designer Rod Harris, a well-known Australian creator of quality audio, said about the HAL 300: “I want to teleport the listener to the musician.”

In Australia, the Heschl Audio Labs HAL 300 power amplifier will cost 10,000 Australian dollars.

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