HiFi Rose RS250: High-performance Preamplifier

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The HiFi Rose RS250 , a fresh addition to the Korean digital audio manufacturer’s high-end Hi-Fi range, is now available for sale in the UK. Featuring a high-performance flagship ESS9038 DAC , a high-precision femto clock and linear power supply, and a six-core processor, the  HiFi Rose RS250 promises high-resolution audio streaming up to 32-bit / 768 kHz (PCM) and DSD512 (Native DSD) playback .

Preamplifier with DAC HiFi Rose RS250

The bezel features an 8.8-inch wide-viewing-angle LCD touchscreen enclosed in a high-quality aluminum casing. HiFi Rose calls the RS250 a “digital hub and preamplifier,” which comes with Airplay ,  Roon Ready  and  Spotify Connect streaming enabled  . In addition, the Qobuz  and  TIDAL apps  are  already integrated with full MQA decoding   for Tidal Masters . Streaming connection is provided by Wi-Fi , Ethernet and Bluetooth 4.0 (AD2DP SINK, AVRCP v1.3).

Preamplifier with DAC HiFi Rose RS250


The HiFi Rose RS250 acts as a preamplifier and has a range of inputs including analog RCA , digital optical and coaxial, USB audio, and a headphone jack. In addition, the HDMI 2.0 port (up to 3,840 x 2 160 / 60Hz) provides video output capability. A 4K compatible HDMI connection allows you to play content from the Video , Rose Tube and TIDAL apps , and provides playback information and album art when listening to songs in the MUSIC app . The HiFi Rose RS250 is available for purchase through the Henley Audio dealer network for £ 1949 .

Preamplifier with DAC HiFi Rose RS250

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