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Holo Audio CYAN 2: Balanced R2R DAC based on discrete resistor networks

Holo Audio’s CYAN 2 DAC is one of the first to support native DSD thanks to its R2R ladder architecture.

Holo Audio CYAN 2
Holo Audio CYAN 2

Holo Audio introduces the big brother of its CYAN DAC – CYAN 2 . Like its predecessor, it is a balanced R2R DAC based on discrete resistor networks. Additionally, it operates in NOS (Non-Over-Sampling) mode for very clean, authentic signal restitution. Here are the main improvements in the second version of the CYAN DAC:

  • It is equipped with two independent R2R networks, the first of which performs the primary DA conversion of PCM streams, and the second (with a vector step) performs the DA conversion of DSD streams.
  • New, more efficient deglittering technology has been integrated. It does not create any unwanted noise or effects.
  • CYAN 2 has the best performance: SINAD over 106 dB and dynamic range over 127 dB.
  • It now supports sample rates up to PCM 32bit 1536Mhz and native DSD up to DSD1024 via USB.
  • The USB interface uses proprietary software with ultra-low latency and data transfer reliability 2-4 times higher than conventional interfaces on the market.


Holo Audio CYAN 2

Holo Audio’s CYAN 2 DAC is one of the first to support native DSD thanks to its R2R ladder architecture. The CYAN 2 module has been specially optimized for this application and runs on MAC (DOP), Linux (DOP) and Windows/PC (Direct Native and DOP).

Holo Audio CYAN 2

Equipped with an I2S port via HDMI, CYAN 2 allows you to enjoy the best audio experience. Please note that the pinout is Holo Audio’s own design, although similar to the PS Audio standard. Left and right channels are inverted for DSD streams.

Holo Audio CYAN 2

The Altera MAX II CPLD chip in CYAN 2 is used to process the clock signal and optimize the quality of the digital audio signal by significantly reducing jitter.

Holo Audio CYAN 2

Characteristics of Holo Audio CYAN 2:

  • Product Type: R2R Balanced DAC
  • Inputs: 1x USB-B/1x AES/EBU/1x Optical Toslink/1x SPDIF Coaxial/1x I2S via HDMI
  • Outputs: 1x RCA/1x balanced XLR
  • Supported sampling rates: USB (galvanically isolated): PCM 32Bit 1536MHz, DSD DOP64-512, DSD Native up to DSD1024/I2S: PCM 32Bit 1536MHz, DSD Native up to DSD1024/AES/EBU, Optical Toslink, SPDIF Coaxial: PCM 24bit 192 kHz , DSD DOP64
  • Input Selection: Automatic ANALOG OUTPUTS MEASUREMENT PCM 48K NOS: THD +N : 0.0005% @ 1kHz (-106dB)/DNR : -127dB/Output Voltages: 2.5Vrms (RCA), 5Vrms (XLR)
  • DSD128X: THD +N : 0.0002% @ 1kHz (-114dB) / DNR : -115dB / Output voltages : 1.25Vrms (RCA), 2.5Vrms (XLR) common Regulated power supply: 220-230V 50/60Hz (fusible: 2A SB 5×20 mm) / 110-115 V 50/60 Hz (fusible: 4A SB 5×20 mm) /.
  • Power consumption: 20 W
  • Dimensions: 300 x 200 x 48 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg

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