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iFi audio has updated Pro iCAN and Pro iDSD models to Signature versions

iFi audio has updated Pro iCAN and Pro iDSD models to Signature versions

The British company iFi audio has updated two of its models at once, Pro iCAN and Pro iDSD, which have now received the Signature prefix. According to iFi, they have been upgraded with the aim of reaching a new level of sound quality.

The Pro iDSD Signature is a DAC preamplifier, network streamer and headphone amplifier based on the Pro iDSD model introduced 3 years ago. In the Signature version, it is said to be capable of “darker backgrounds and sharper bass.” In particular, the signal-to-noise ratio has been improved by 300% by upgrading the power supply components.

The hybrid amplifier uses the same General Electric 5670s NOS tubes, but now their exact match is emphasized. In addition, according to iFi, USB 3.0 support has been added to work with PS4 / PS5 models. The cherry on top is a new remote control in an aluminum case.


The Pro iCAN headphone amp and stereo preamp in the Signature version also inherits the features of its 2016 predecessor . At the same time, the Signature version revised the circuit and increased the number of audiophile components, and also added a 4.4 mm balanced headphone output on the front panel to the available interfaces.


Similar to the Pro iDSD Signature, this purely analog device has an improved power system – an external iPower Elite unit to reduce noise and distortion. In addition, the Pro iCAN Signature also has an aluminum remote control.

Pricing for the Pro iCAN Signature and Pro iDSD Signature has yet to be announced.

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