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iFi Audio Uno: Compact DAC and headphone amplifier

iFi Audio Uno
iFi Audio Uno

iFi Audio has released a small digital-to-analog converter Uno that can also work as a headphone amplifier.

The design of the device is sustained in the manner familiar to the company’s products – a streamlined chassis made of textured polymer with an aluminum front and rear wall. In the center of the front panel is the volume control, on the right is the 3.5 mm jack, on the left is the button for switching the equalizer settings and activating the Power Match system , which ensures optimal matching with the connected headphones.


The DAC block is based on the ES9219 chip from ESS Saber , high-quality components are used in the signal circuits, such as C0G ceramic capacitors from TDK and inductors manufactured by Taiyo Yuden and Murata . The model is capable of working with PCM streams 32 bit / 384 kHz , native DSD256 and supports MQA , USB-C port is used for signaling . The amplifier provides an output power of 211 mW into 32 ohms and a maximum output voltage of 3.5 V (with a resistance of 600 ohms). The dimensions of the device are88 x 26 x 81 mm .


The iFi Audio Uno DAC and Headphone Amplifier will go on sale in Europe at the end of November 2022 at a price of 80 euros .

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