iFi Neo Stream: Streamer-DAC based on proprietary Network Streaming Engine

iFi Neo Stream
iFi Neo Stream

The iFi Neo Stream network audio streamer was conceived by British digital audio developers as a universal device that takes into account the promising needs of audiophiles and music lovers – both at the same time. The case, which is a little unusual for lovers of mini-devices from iFi audio, contains the main components of the device. First of all, a quad-channel True Native DAC that supports PCM up to 768 kHz and DSD 512. It is paired with a 16-core XMOS processor capable of full MQA decoding (up to 384 kHz).

Streaming and player capabilities of the iFi Neo Stream – support for UPnP (under various applications), Apple AirPlay or Google Chromecast, TIDAL Connect and Spotify Connect, and, finally, Roon Ready certification. All this runs on a proprietary Network Streaming Engine platform, written under Linux, with a quad-core ARM Cortex processor. Moreover, Neo Stream can be used both as a pure streamer and as an external DAC.

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In addition, the iFi Neo Stream is able to play tracks from USB-drives – for all this, the Stream-iFi software player is provided. Get a truly “black” noise background from USB ports with ANC II active noise reduction technology. In addition, the iFi Neo Stream is equipped with many other proprietary iFi audio technologies.

In the UK, the iFi Neo Stream is on sale for £1,300.

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