Jeep Grand Cherokee with McIntosh Sound System

Jeep Grand Cherokee McIntosh Sound System

McIntosh has equipped its Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept with its audio system , anticipating the launch of the new Jeep Wagoneer SUV series . But the first production car to offer the optional McIntosh MX950 premium audio system was the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L. The McIntosh MX950 sound system includes 19 speakers distributed throughout the vehicle interior and powered by a 17-channel amplifier with a total output of just under a kilowatt.

Jeep Grand Cherokee McIntosh Sound System

McIntosh’s patented low-distortion low-frequency drivers benefit from McIntosh’s signature Power Guard clipping protection . The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s interior décor is complemented by McIntosh’s signature blue-illuminated speaker grills and metal ribbed control knobs. The McIntosh logo also adorns the subwoofer grille in the luggage compartment.

Jeep Grand Cherokee McIntosh Sound System

President of McIntosh Laboratory, Inc. Randall Charlie “We are very pleased to introduce our brand to a new audience that may have never before encountered McIntosh products” .

Jeep Grand Cherokee McIntosh Sound System

Audio system McIntosh MX950 enter the equipment complete sets Overland and Summit SUV Jeep Grand Cherokee of L . It will also be part of the Summit Reserve Package for the rest of the trims.

Jeep Grand Cherokee McIntosh Sound System

Source – McIntosh Labs. 

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