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Jico J44D and J44A 7: Replacing the Shure 44 series

The Japanese company Jico decided to help owners of systems compatible with Shure 44 series cartridges by releasing two similar models.

The fact is that three years ago the Shure company suddenly closed its vinyl business and the production of all phono products was discontinued. The two Jico MM cartridges that came out “for replacement” are not only compatible with “44s”, but also work with replaceable Jico needles.

The Jico J44D cartridge is similar in performance to the original Shure M44G. With a mass of 5.6 g and a recommended load of 47 kΩ, it operates in the frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz, providing an output voltage of 6 mV. The diamond spherical needle is attached to an aluminum alloy needle holder.

In turn, the Jico J44A 7 model is an analogue of the Shure M44-7 cartridge. It is equipped with the same needle and holder, operates in the same frequency range, but its output signal is already 8 mV.

The Jico J44D (AE10102) and J44A 7 (AE10104) cartridges cost $ 90 each in the US.

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