Krix Hyperphonix 45: Multiple installation options and improved performance

Krix Hyperphonix 45

The installation cinema speaker Krix Hyperphonix 45 was created on the basis of the Phonix 45 model. The model received the same housing, designed for installation at an angle, but the emitters came out more technological.

The two-way Hyperhonix 45 features a new Krix 90 x 90 tweeter waveguide and a 6.5 ” bass driver with an oversized coil (50 mm). From the point of view of characteristics, the new product differs from the previous model with increased power (amplifier up to 250 W) and sensitivity increased to 92 dB.

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According to the company, the new waveguide is the result of several dozen simulations and testing of seven prototypes. The Krix 90 x 90 Waveguide offers improved dispersion properties.

Krix recommended Hyperphonix 45 for wall or ceiling installation. The column can be placed horizontally at an angle or vertically. The speakers should be suitable for modern formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.

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Hyperphonix 45 speakers are supplied in pairs (left and right) for symmetrical installation. Each speaker is equipped with a fabric grill and mount.

The cost of Hyperphonix 45 has not yet been announced.

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