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Kuzma Safir 9: Unique Sapphire tonearm

Kuzma Safir 9
Kuzma Safir 9

Franc Kuzma says his 9-inch Safir 9 arm is the result of five years of research. The design is truly unique: the conical arm tube is made from solid sapphire.

Recall that even a sapphire needle holder is a class indicator for a vinyl playback system. And here – the entire tonearm tube is made of a material for which rigidity and resistance to resonances are key natural properties.

Kuzma stated that the Safir 9 was “superior to any tonearm tube” in its basic properties. The tonearm, according to the developer, is “free of resonances” up to 5 kHz. Suspension Safir 9 – four-point, on ruby ​​needle bearings, the design is borrowed from watch movements. In it, superhard needles rest against ruby ​​cups.

Ultra-precise screws are used to adjust the VTA/SRA. Backlash is excluded, and the operation itself is simple and convenient. The entire movement with universal fastening is an aluminum construction with brass blocks weighing 1,250 grams.

The Safir 9 uses a double brass counterbalance and the internal wiring is a 1.5m solid continuous Kondo silver alloy connection from the headshell pins to the RCA output jacks. Kuzma intends to present the Safir 9 at the High End 2022 exhibition in Munich, which is scheduled for May 19-22.

The approximate price of the Kuzma Safir 9 tonearm is also known: in Europe it will be about 20,000 euros.

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