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Lenco L-92WA and L-3809: 75th anniversary LP-players

Lenco unveils 75th anniversary LP-players L-92WA and L-3809
Lenco unveils 75th anniversary LP-players L-92WA and L-3809

Last summer Lenco celebrated its 75th anniversary. In honor of this date, the L-92WA and L-3809 turntables were released, which should suit both lovers of simply listening to records and DJs.

The L-92WA is marketed as a high quality belt driven turntable. The turntable features pitch adjustment and USB signal recording. According to the manufacturer, the turntable is easy to operate and ready to go right out of the box.

Lenco also noted a durable aluminum disc for stability, an anti-skating function to prevent the tonearm from slipping, two speed settings: 33 rpm and 45 rpm, a built-in strobe and auto-stop with the tonearm returning to its original position.

The Lenco L-3809 is equipped with a direct drive and a full-size aluminum disc. The turntable can be connected directly to a mixer or stereo system using the built-in phono stage. Includes Audio-Technica cartridge.

Like the L-92WA, the L-3809 also has a backlight and strobe. You can adjust the speed using the fader. There is also a pitch adjustment. We haven’t forgotten about USB digitization either.

In Europe, turntables are already on sale at prices starting at 250 euros.

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