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Lenco LS-55WA: All-in-one turntable with direct-to-flash digitizing function

Lenco LS-55WA

The versatile Lenco LS-55WA turntable is capable of converting analog recordings from records into mp3 format – and directly while listening.

As a result, the files are recorded on the USB storage device connected to the device. In order to be able to convert collections from a wide variety of discs in this way, the player’s drive operates at three speeds.

The novelty also received a Bluetooth module and built-in stereo speakers. Thus, the Lenco LS-55WA can be considered a completely self-sufficient device, which, in addition, is capable of playing files recorded by it (and not only by it) from a USB-drive.

The painting was completed with a wood grain design, plastic dust cover and felt mat. In the UK, the Lenco LS-55WA turntable will cost £ 135.

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