Levi: Harman/Kardon-inspired Levitating Turntable


Successful design examples from the past inspire the future. South Korean designers Jihyo Seo and Jimin Hwang were impressed by the Harman / Kardon technique and came up with a levitating platter turntable in the style of the brand.

LEVI – levitating turntable from Jihyo Seo on Vimeo.


The model was simply named Levi. Levitation was provided by an electromagnetic system. Tonearms of different colors can be changed at will – they have the same properties. On a white oval table, there are bright colored buttons for switching on, adjusting the speed (12 and 17 revolutions are indicated) and selecting a listening mode.

The listening modes, like tone arms of different colors, first of all solve the question of aesthetics: in different modes, the disc, together with the arm base, rhythmically lowers and rises in time with the melodies, while changing the sound profile.


The Levi concept remains as a project at the moment and raises many questions about the potential implementation, operation and value as a sound reproducing device, and not a designer gizmo. But it still looks interesting.

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