LUMIN D3 network audio player unveiled


Hong Kong-based LUMIN unveiled at the Hong Kong AV Show 2023 the LUMIN D3 network music player , equipped with ESS Technology’s Saber 32 chip, LUMIN X1 buffer and proprietary analog output stage, as well as other components in the line – the LUMIN D1 and D2 models.

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Digital-to-analog conversion is implemented on the Saber 32 DAC ES9028PRO chip. The novelty is made in a fully balanced architecture and is equipped, among other things, with balanced analog outputs on XLR connectors. The player is dressed in an all-aluminum housing with a special coating, which is less likely to leave fingerprints. You can choose between silver and black finishes.

The LUMIN D3 network music player is capable of decoding PCM material up to 32bit/384kHz and DSD up to DSD256 and supports the MQA format. The new product is certified Roon Ready and is able to provide access to many popular streaming services, including TIDAL Connect, Spotify Connect, Qobuz, Plex and TuneIn.

LUMIN D3 Network PlayerThe

LUMIN D3 player is equipped with a Leedh Processing Lossless digital volume control, which allows you to connect the new product directly to active speakers or to a power amplifier. Leedh processing, which compensates for rounding errors in digital volume control, was created by Gilles Milhaud of the French company Acoustical Beauty. It is currently used by several high end brands including LUMIN, Soulution and Metronome Kalista.


LUMIN D3 Network Player

The LUMIN D3 network music player will go on sale in Europe in September. The recommended retail price of new items in Europe is 2570 euros , in the US you will have to pay $ 2,600 for the player

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