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LUX Vinyl Voodoo: Deluxe version of the vinyl box from Analog Renaissance

Analog Renaissance , known for its accessoriesturntables and vinyl records, presented a deluxe version of the LUX Vinyl Voodoo storage box . The usual Vinyl Voodoo drawer model. 

The new LUX Vinyl Voodoo is designed for the most discerning owners of music collections in this analogue format.

Analog Renaissance LUX Vinyl Voodoo Vinyl Storage Box

Each Analog Renaissance LUX Vinyl Voodoo box is completely handcrafted by a single craftsman using selected materials. The sides of the box are made of glued beech, which is pre-steamed for maximum durability. The bottom of LUX Vinyl Voodoo is made of natural birch plywood of considerable thickness.

Joining drawer elements according to the dovetail principle is the most reliable and, at the same time, aesthetic, and is usually used in the manufacture of expensive furniture. The openings in the side walls for carrying the LUX Vinyl Voodoo are finished with genuine leather patches fixed with brass screws, and the drawer is adorned with a stylish logo.

Analog Renaissance LUX Vinyl Voodoo Vinyl Storage Box

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