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Luxman launches L-509Z Integrated amplifier

Integrated amplifier Luxman L-509Z
Integrated amplifier Luxman L-509Z

The Luxman company has 2 years left until its centenary, and the L-509Z integrated device will be one of the new products presented for this date. First of all, the device is notable for the fact that the proprietary LIFES1.0 feedback system works here for the first time both in the preamplifier section and in power amplifier circuits. In addition, the new product debuted electronic control LECUA-EX in the Luxman Ultimate Attenuator-EX concept – a computerized precision attenuator with 88 discrete steps.

In the Luxman portfolio, the L-509Z replaces the L-509X integral and joins the Z series along with the 2022 L-507Z . The new product has a phono preamplifier with switchable gain, a completely redesigned three-band tone block, added 12-volt triggers and a 7-segment LED volume level indicator.

For headphones, in addition to the usual 6.3 mm jack, there is also a five-pin balanced Pentaconn 4.4 jack. All this is enclosed in a body of thick aluminum panels on cast iron legs with a density gradient. The top panel features a classic Luxman finish with 28 individually cut vents. Accordingly, the weight of the device is slightly less than 30 kg. The set includes a remote control that is also compatible with Luxman digital players released after 1996.

In the US, the Luxman L-509Z integrated amplifier costs $12,500.

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